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Photographing Scar the lion in the Masai Mara

Scarface the Lion: A Masai Mara Legend

It was he, Scarface the lion (Scar), curled up like a housecat in the grass, his thick dew-covered mane sparkling in the sun. His brothers Hunter, Sikio, and Morani were nearby; they also slept. The Four Musketeers, known for their prowess and savagery, instead looked precious where they lay. […]

two samburu-women-laughing in-kenya- | The Dance of the Samburu

The Dance of the Samburu Tribe

I’m watching girls from the Samburu Tribe whisper to each other, their hands cupped over their mouths in playful secrecy. I can’t help but laugh, it’s funny how some things are so universal. The scene reminds me of my high-school days, my friends and I giggling over my […]