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Amboseli’s Sleeping Giants

Weeks ago I wrote a piece called The Elusive Amboseli Pinhead Cheetahs, which detailed our group’s quest to find a family of cheetahs during our visit this past June—they were a squirrely lot that kept us on our toes most of the trip. Prior to dashing across the […]

Elephant: Big Tusker in Amboseli, Kenya

Postcard: The Big Tusker

There are few things more magnificent than a Big Tusker. Regal. Majestic. Formidable. These are all words that came to mind when I saw this amazing elephant in Amboseli. I worry about this big guy. Just being an elephant puts a price on his head, his spectacular tusks […]

Postcard: An Afternoon Drink

I think the fact that bars are also called watering holes is highly apropos. As with humans, the animals you find at a watering hole, drink, play, fight, flirt, all the usual behaviors one would expect to see at any TGI Fridays. On this day at an Amboseli […]