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Crocodile tries to bite a zebra in the Masa Mara River in Kenya

On Safari in Kenya: Zebra vs Crocodile!

It’s hot. Really hot. It feels as if we’ve been stuffed into a convection oven and I pray for a breeze. The temperature and immobility are making me sleepy but there’s no way we’re leaving. We’re in Kenya on a WildEye Photographic safari. Our jeeps are parked along a 20-foot embankment where the Mara River […]

The Magnificence of Elephants: A Photographic Tribute for #WorldElephantDay

Today, in celebration of all the elephants around the world and the organizations that support them, and to bring attention to poaching and illegal trafficking that’s led to the slaughter of over 35,000 elephants per year, it’s #WorldElephantDay. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, nearly 800,000 elephants have […]