Inspirational Images and Tales From Years of Life-Changing Travel

Expired Passport_10 years of world travel

It was as if I was saying goodbye to a dear friend. I plopped my expired passport–the one that has traveled with me on all my adventures over the last 10 years—into the waiting envelope.  The time had come for me to give up my faithful, dog-eared companion. It was the end of an era; […]

8 Amazing Things to do in Winter Around the World

Winter is here and with it plenty of amazing snow-capped adventures in countries all over the world. From ski bobbing in the Jizera Mountains to igloo building in the French Alps, here are eight challenging, out of the ordinary and downright exhilarating, things to do in winter worth traveling for. Base Camp Crawl Where: Himalayas, […]

Travel Together Without Killing Each Other: 10 Essential Tips

Tom Kris Camino de Santiago - -10 Tips on How to Travel Together - The Insatiable Traveler

I’ve been married to the same woman for 40 years. And we dated for four years before that. And we’ve done a lot of traveling over those years. So far, 65 countries, and a couple of thousand hotel nights. Add to all that proximity that we worked together all those years, and there’s a whole […]

10 of the Most Beautiful Places in Canada for Spectacular Views

Aurora and the Main Lodge at Blachford Lake Lodge/ Photo: Martina Gebarovska

For me, a fantastic view isn’t necessarily a landscape, though it can be. It’s any scene that stops you in your tracks, puts a smile on your face or simply makes you gasp with wonder. I recently put together a list for U.S. News & World Report of some of the most beautiful places in Canada with spectacular […]

Hot Air Balloon Rides: What to Expect, Where to Go, and Why It’s Worth Every Penny

Bagan - Why Everyone should Try Hot Air Ballooning -3937

Ever thought about floating above an exotic destination in a hot air balloon? You should. No matter how many adventures you embark upon you’ll never forget a ride in a hot-air balloon. There’s no feeling of speed or ascension. It’s as if you’re your basket is resting on an invisible people mover gliding over the […]

Tips for Traveling Alone for the First Time: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Photos: Shutterstock

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start traveling alone for the first time. That’s awesome! You won’t regret it. You’re probably thinking, now what? Where do I go? How do I go? No worries, I’ve got you covered.  I have some suggestions to help you get started. First.. how “alone” do you want to be? What I […]

Amazing Tips For Surviving Long Flights in Economy

View from Plane window

I’ve taken a lot of I’ve-been-on-this-plane-forever flights through the years, and while the ever-shrinking legroom and lack of amenities are frustrating, here are some tips from me and some of my fellow travelers, on how to survive long flights in economy. Updated January 2020 What to Wear on a Long Economy Flight and Still Look […]