Population:  126 Million 

Number of States:  32 

Capital:  Mexico City 

Currency:  Mexican Peso 

Climate:  Weather can vary among states. When considering what to pack, check local weather. You’ll find tropical beaches, arid deserts, and snowcapped mountains. Keep in mind hurricane season which runs from June 1 thru November 30 but, the most aggressive months are August thru October. 

Passport, visa and entry info:  A valid passport is required to enter. Visas may be required for residents of some countries. Check this resource page for a list. U.S. citizens must must obtain a tourist card available at every border, airports etc. Major airlines provide the card to fill out during the flight.

If you need some ideas for what to do and see:  Dial 078 from any phone where information on attractions, airports, embassies and consulates, car rentals, and much more is available. 

Tipping:  It’s customary to tip in Mexico. At restaurants, bars and cafes, an average 10% is customary for good service. Note: some businesses include a tip in the bill. Be sure not to pay twice. 

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