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Where to Photograph the Most Stunning Views of the Manhattan Skyline


On Saturday I went back to Brooklyn Bridge Park, famous for its stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Not to mention, basketball clinics, kids playgrounds, picnic areas, park tours, movie nights, a bevy of lovely restaurants nearby and a myriad of special events that are great for the family.

It was a beautiful balmy night, the sky had just the right amount of clouds and the City was bright and beautiful, as always. In the distance I could hear the low boom, boom, boom, of house music. (Ok.. that wasn’t particularly fabulous but it wasn’t a buzzkill either.)


I wanted to practice my night photography and I couldn’t think of a better place to go and I wasn’t the only one. I was one of 20.. our tripods lined up at the water’s edge as if photographing a major sporting event.


I wasn’t surprised by the crowd. Every night photographers from near and far descend upon the park to shoot the City. On a previous visit, I met photographers from England, France, The Netherlands and Russia. On this night, I met a couple from Ireland. It’s also a favorite meet-up spot for the millennial Instagrammer set.

Who you meet is another reason to visit. Besides talking with folks from around the world who invariably share great locations to shoot in their home countries, lets face it, once you’re set up and waiting for the sun to set, there’s not much else to do but chat with your neighbor. I’ve learned a lot from my fellow photography enthusiasts.


If the idea of shooting with a bunch of strangers turns you off, or the fact that the view has been shot millions of times before (don’t be disappointed when you can’t find an original angle) it’s still worth the effort. When it comes to night photography, it’s a perfect spot to enhance your skills. You can play around and experiment for hours. Unlike Manhattan, where most photo-worthy locales require a permit if you want to set up a tripod.

Brooklyn Bridge Park-5340.jpg

Whether you’re a local or passing through, a DSLR lover or an iPhoneographer, if you haven’t ventured east this summer, don’t miss out.

If you’ve taken photographs from Brooklyn Bridge Park, please share a link in the comments. If you have recommendations on great places to shoot where you live, share those too!

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  1. Incredible pictures of an incredible city! Just got brought back to New York in an instant πŸ™‚ I posted a little something about New York on my blog a few days ago: maybe you can go and check it out!

    • Thanks a million, that’s my favorite of the group. Something a tad different from a location that is waaaaaay over shot but a great time.
      Thank you for the link. I really like your work. I don’t have much experience with cityscapes and architectural photography and am trying to practice more. If you’re ever back in NYC..lets go shoot together!

      • Sure, that would be awesome! I hope i’ll find a way to visit this beautiful city soon again… πŸ™‚
        You’re right. The photo with the locks is nice because it’s something special. I’ve never seen this perspective before! And as far as i can judge your experience with cityscapes & architectural photography i think you’re doing just fine!

  2. Just found your blog and will do some further exploring, but I went right to this one. If you haven’t already taken photos there already, another good viewpoint is in Astoria, just up from Socrates Sculpture Garden and Rainey Park, and continuing in places all the way up to Astoria Park. I recently moved out that way and there are great photographic opportunities!

      • You are very welcome Susan! I used some of the shots from that in my most recent blog. I like that area too because you also (depending on where you are) have Roosevelt Island as a backdrop too, not to mention bridges, one of my favorite subjects πŸ™‚

      • I checked out the blog.. looks great. Is there anyway to scroll through the 88 images or do you have to open each one individually? Couldn’t see any way to do it but the latter.

      • Thanks! At the bottom is a gallery which you can open the first and keep clicking next to see them all. This was a milestone blog so that is why there is so many! Normally I only have no more than 10 or so

    • Thank you.. I think it’s my favorite of the bunch. I was pretty proud of myself on the angle and the shadow of the tiny lock to the far left. LOL In Paris, the gov’t just took down all the lover’s locks. There were so many (thousands) that it was actually messing with the stability of the structure.

  3. Hi, Susan. Great post on Brooklyn Bridge Park. Excellent night images. I love that place. Where are those pilings? I’ve not seen them on my visits. I read in the NY Times that Pier 6 is opening up some new sections in August. SInce you ask for a link to shots from there, here it one:
    I plan to be back in NYC September 14-17, maybe we could link up for some shooting. We’re still deciding on locations, but since it’s been a while since we’ve been to Brooklyn, that’s one probable destination.

    • Hi Robin – That whole area is under massive construction. A couple of big lux apartment buildings are half finished right next to where the park starts.

      The pilings are right in front of where it says “Squibb Park & Bridge.

      I would love to shoot with you when you’re in. However, there is a chance I’ll be back in Kenya.. Lets make sure to keep in touch. Also, Leanne will be in NYC at that time too. You should meet up with her too. If I’m in town.. it would be great for the three of us to get together.

      • Thanks, Susan. Hope it works out. I’ll keep in touch. Also will check with Leanne and see if the 3 of us can sync up. Also thanks for the info on the pilings. I’ll check that out. And in your post, you asked for ideas on faviorite places in our home locations. There are many here in Washington DC. Let me know the day, and I’ll give you the place;-)

  4. The one where you bumped the camera on a long exposure has given the image a wonderful textured look. You always have beautifully sharp images with natural colour so this one was a lovely surprise.

    • I was surprised too. It was just a tap so at least the outline of the images are mostly still in tact which is why I liked it. I’m going to try some experiments with that “technique” (LOL) in the future and see what I come up with. I kinda dig it.

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