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How to Get Rid of Laptop Neck Pain and Sore Shoulders When You Travel

If you’re like me and packing your computer is as common as your underwear, you know that working off your laptop for any length of time can give you neck pain and sore shoulders. Hours spent with your head tilted towards the screen inevitably screws with body. At least it did mine. Headaches were far too frequent.

At home, I use a 27” monitor with my laptop.  I can sit straight up, view my work at eye level and keep my shoulders relaxed. Unfortunately, I can’t take my monitor with me when I travel.

My computer on a Roost

My computer on the Roost at the hotel. The seat in the room was rather high so I adjusted the Roost height accordingly.

One day I was reading a Facebook post by a fellow writer, Jodi Ettenberg, creator of the Legal Nomads’ blog, and she had the answer. The Roost, a Kickstarter-funded, collapsible laptop stand that’s virtually weightless and compact enough to fit in a carry on bag. Since Jodi raved about it I thought I’d give it a try.

Then  I found myself ensconced in a hotel 5 blocks from my home after a water leak forced me out of my apartment. For two weeks, 6-8 hours a day,  I worked out of a less than ideal hotel room “office”, and I felt nothing, in the best way possible. If I hadn’t had The Roost, I would have popped Advil like Tic Tacs.

Roost Laptop Stand – Portable & Adjustable (For Apple MacBook and PC) Eye-Level Ergonomic for Productivity, Lightweight folding for travel, Universal Fit, Compact & Strong

(Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for this endorsement. However, if you choose to buy with the link above I will receive a small percentage of the sale.)

To use The Roost, you’ll need to have an external keyboard and mouse. You can type with the computer on the Roost but that pulls your shoulders forward and defeats the purpose. Roost comes with a small travel pouch but I recommend buying the optional case that holds the stand, an external keyboard and a mouse, in one slim silhouette that fits in my carry on bag.

If you’re wondering if I am a shill for the product—and I could understand why you might draw that conclusion—rest assured, I  have no relationship with the company and I paid full price. I just wanted to pass along something I loved and found useful.

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 How to get rid of neck pain and sore shoulders from using your laptop when you travel




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  1. Thank you very much, Susan, I’ve been looking for something like that, now I have one, thanks to you, I’ll let you know as soon as I get it if it hlps me as much as I think it will.

  2. Nice write-up! I tried buying through your link, but the code isn’t working. I pasted it in as “QXJA-4D34DK-XKEX2Q”. Should it still be working today, 3/22?


    • I think it’s a classic issue. My stepmother is taking an online course and doesn’t have a monitor so she uses the laptop as is. She was having terrible neck and shoulder pain, plus headaches derived from the muscle cramping. She got the stand and she loves it.

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