Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain from Sitting at Your Computer

I nearly went bonkers with neck and shoulder pain from sitting at my computer. Whether traveling or at my local coffee shop, hours spent with my head tilting downwards to read the screen screwed with my body. Then I bought The Roost, a collapsible, nearly weightless, travel-friendly laptop stand. (This post is not sponsored) and […]

Systane and Zaditor: How to Beat Dry, Itchy Eyes When You Travel

Zaditor and Systane

Systane & Zaditor My eyes are often a nightmare when I travel.  They turn into dry, stinging orbs exacerbated by hot, windy, dry or dusty locations—Africa being a particularly difficult nemesis. It’s frustrating. Add in long plane rides, time spent in front of my computer, and lack of sleep, and I want to claw my […]