Picture Perfect Namibia: Embracing the Silhouette

The Kunene river mountains near Serra Cafema camp in Namibia
Palm trees and a hint of the Kunene River ~Sera Cafema Camp

In photography, professionals will always tell you to “look for the light,” but sometimes it’s more fun to focus on the dark, to embrace the beauty of a silhouette.

A good silhouette adds drama, mood, and depth to an image. It serves up a fresh narrative and gives another reason for a viewer’s eye to linger.  There are many types of silhouettes and there are no hard and fast rules in how they should look. It’s whatever fulfills your creative vision or helps you to tell your story.

Here are a few of my favorite silhouettes I took in Namibia while exploring the world around three different Wilderness Safari Camps (Desert Rhino, Hoanib Skeleton Coast and Serra Cafema) where I was an invited guest.

Sunset near Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp in Namibia
Sunset behind the Ana tree ~ Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Mountains near Serra Cafema in graphic Silhouette in Namibia
A graphic mountain sunrise ~ Serra Cafema
Stunning Silhouette Photos Guaranteed to Inspire Your Travels- trees after a rain on the Masai Mara-Silhouette of Springbok at sunset on a ridge in Damarland, Namibia
Silhouette of Springbok at sunset on a ridge in Damarland, Namibia
A tree drenched in a sandy haze after a sandstorm near Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp in Namibia
A tree engulfed in a mysterious haze from
an afternoon sandstorm ~Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
giraffe eats leaves under a tree near Skeleton Coast Camp in Namibia
A giraffe enjoys a picnic under a tree ~ Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Expired Passport_10 years of world travel
Sunset over a rocky desert, along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.
Whispy clouds that look like rain at sunrise near Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia
A morning mist falls to the ground at sunrise near Desert Rhino Camp
View from my deck at Serra Cafema in Namibia
The view to Angoloa from my private deck at Serra Cafema
Tiny bird in Silhouette at Serra Cafema in Namibia
A tiny bird rests on the rocks near Serra Cafema
Himba children play in their village near Serra Cafema in Namibia
Two toddlers bursting with energy play near a hut in their village. ~Serra Cafema

29 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Namibia: Embracing the Silhouette

  1. Rancho das Crônicas says:

    I don’t know what to say because your photo’s are so beautiful. I don’t understand about making photos but it is perfect what you did. I like this last one very much. Have a good day.

  2. Tiny says:

    these are fantastic as well, Susan! Can’t even pick my favorite. One can almost feel the sand storm haze in the air, and I love the animals you’ve captured enjoying the shade.

  3. Luis Lobo says:

    More, much more than “light” or “silhouette” I can´t help mention” the construction of the decisive instante in shooting the camera” (Catala-Roca, Cartier Bresson). And this is great in your P.P.Namibia!!

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  5. jambodebbie@ca.rr.com says:

    Hi Susan,

    I totally agree with you about silhouettes. I have attached my favorite silhouette that I took in Zambia in 2010 for you to enjoy.

    Debbie Morris

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