Marlon du Toit: A Life Spent on Safari Leads To A Career In Wildlife Photography

Marlon du Toit, wildlife photographer in Timbavati, SA

On a trip to Africa, my mission was two-fold: I needed to escape my A.D.D., a necessary evil if you want a career in Manhattan (Africa, I found, is one of the few places on earth I can truly relax and be present), and to improve my wildlife photography skills. I have a seemingly infinite […]

Molori Safari Lodge: An Ultimate Luxury Madikwe Safari

Metsi Presidential Suite pool at Molori Safari Lodge , South Africa

“If you need anything your butler’s name is Isaac.”Butler?! I have a butler?!  It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t kidding. Toni Watson, my host at the Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve, smiled and opened the massive wooden doors (think Game of Thrones) that led to the Metsi presidential suite […]

Waxing Poetic About South Africa On The Amateur Traveler Podcast

A very handsome bull elephant that greeted us one afternoon in the Timbavati Game Reserve

You may or may not know this, but when I take my Insatiable Traveler cape off I am a Communications / PR consultant—that’s how I pay the bills. I’ve had clients interviewed on all the major morning shows, national news, radio and with all the major newspapers. I, however, have never been interviewed at length […]

Wildlife Abounds on Safari in South Africa’s Timbavati Game Reserve

A leopard in the grass

We were in the Timbavati Game Reserve, spellbound, watching Rockfig Jr., the leopard with the aquamarine eyes, casually gnaw on her impala kill. We were 15 feet from where she lay with her prize, yet she behaved as if we weren’t there. Her glossy coat and white underbelly stood out against the looming twilight. Her […]