Population:  389,000 

Capital:  Belmopan

Climate:  Belize has the benefit of almost perfect temperature with an average of 84 degrees. Coastal winds, jungles and rainforests keep visitors cool, though humidity is typically around 85 percent. 

Winter:  November – March

Summer:  May – September 

Rainy Season:  June – December – Most frequent rainfall in June and early July

Passport, visa and entry info:  A valid passport is needed with at least 3 months before expiration after date of arrival. Most countries do not need a visa. Check here to double-check your country is one of them. 

Language: Official language is English though locals tend to speak Kriol. 

Currency: Belize Dollar (BZ$)

Tipping: 15% – 20 % for restaurants, bars, cafes. Tour guides 10% – 15 %. Hotels may add 10% charge to your bill.

Cayo District

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