23 Photos of Beautiful Birds from Around the World

I’m not much for bird photography.

I like it, It’s that most of the time I’m just not good at it . But in celebration of National Bird Day today, I thought I would share some of my favorite beautiful bird photos, I’ve taken at home and abroad! From Central Park to the Masai Mara, and a variety of places in-between.

Oxpecker, Kenya
Lilac-Breasted Roller, South Africa
Sparrows and a Dove, USA
Brown Pelican, USA
Kingfisher, Belize
White Ibis, USA
Little Bee Eater, Kenya
Ground Hornbill, Kenya
Little unknown bird, South Africa UPDATE: Thanks to Patricia Pomerleau who told me that this is a Fork-tailed Drongo
Bee Eater, Botswana
Egret, Kenya
Vulture, Kenya
No idea. You? USA.. UPDATE: Thank you James Robertson for letting me know this is a juvenile Black_Crowned Night Heron.
American White Pelican, USA
Crowned Crane, Kenya
Cardinal, USA
Mallard, USA
Lilac Breasted Roller, Botswana
Wood Duck, USA
Osprey, USA
Canadian Goose, USA
Vulture, Kenya
Oxpecker, Kenya




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  1. Great photos! Where was the white pelican shot taken? Also, “swallows and a dove” – I think you meant “sparrows and a dove”.

  2. These are stunning Susan, I especially like the first image (which honestly I think is incredible and right up there with anything I’ve seen in magazines from professional wildlife photographers). Also, the shot of the Brown Pelican is beautiful… have you got the water so still to get that perfect reflection?

    • Thank you, Mark. Love that image of the buffalo and oxpecker too. One of my favorites.
      re: Pelican….The old grey pelican floated under a footbridge in the marina I was near at twilight. The soft lighting shone on the bird but left the water below ink black. Thankfully, it was a pretty calm night.

  3. That brown pelican photo is surprisingly stunning! Most people pay attention to “prettier” birds. It’s great to see a variety of birds and very artistic approaches to them.

    • It was all about serendipity. The old grey pelican floated under a footbridge in the marina I was near at twilight. The soft lighting shone on the bird but left the water below ink black. I was so stoked when I saw the results. πŸ™‚

  4. You sell yourself short–these are completely amazing. That first shot, on the Cape buffalo, is especially incredible, considering you don’t want to be face to face with a Cape buffalo.

  5. Stunningly beautiful….all of them!!! My favs are the ground hornbill and the mallard…..but the 2 vultures….mmmmmm…..can’t decide!!!

  6. I LOVE the buffalo and the Oxpecker. The buffalo is looking right at you and I can almost see a caption. Birds aren’t my thing. I do like them, and love other’s beautiful bird photography, but I won’t go looking for them. However, if they come to me, I am charmed by them and try to do my best. Your pelican is fabulous as is the snow on the duck’s fill image. BTW, your “Little unknown bird, South Africa’ is a “Fork-tailed Drongo”

      • Glad to have been of help Susan. I had the same “what the heck is it?” question when I first saw one as it does not look like the adult. (The juvenile little blue heron is pure white, which was another that threw me off)

    • I just found out this am and kind of threw this post together since I like birds. That’s one of my favorite too. I love the look on the buffalo’s face with the oxpecker sitting on his nose. LOL

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