Population:  66.5 million 


Climate: Situated between land and water means Thailand is affected by the summer and winter monsoon seasons. Temperatures stay hot most of the year. The main concern is whether you want to be there during the dry or rainy season. 

High season:  November to February – hot and sunny

In the north: dry season is November – May

—rainy season: June – October with some relatively cooler temps. 

In the south: 

—On the west coast wettest period is between April – October 

—On the east coast the wettest period is September – December 

Language: Thai (Some Thai locals speak English) 

Currency: Baht (THB )

Passport: Visa and entry info: U.S., Australian, Canadian, British and EU citizens with a valid passport for at least 6 months after your departure date. If arriving by air you have 30 days in country. If arriving by land it is 15 days. One full empty page is required for stamps. Be prepared, you may be asked for proof of departure. A few countries do require a visa. 

Tipping: While Thai citizens don’t tip, it is appreciated from tourists. Tipping as a percentage of the bill is not really done here. Many travelers leave whatever coins are left once they’ve received change. That said, in very high end restaurants you might want to consider 10% – 15% of the bill. 


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