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The Cabeau Fold N Go Blanket and Travel Case

Cabeau Travel Fold N' Go BlanketWhen I get on a plane, especially for an international flight, I like to bring things that will make me as cozy as possible. Not just comfortable, but cozy. There is a difference. The former is physical, the latter is emotional.

Cut to the Fold N Go Blanket and Travel Case, which I found running through JFK one morning picking up last minute essentials (water, lip balm, granola bar) for a 16-hour flight to South Africa.

I am always looking for products that make a flight in coach easier, but I rarely find anything that makes me happy.  For once I was in luck. On my way to the cash register, I absentmindedly squeezed the Cabeau and it stopped me in my tracks. COZY! The fleece is so soft I want to make sheets out of it. It triggered that same “snuggly” feeling you get when you hold an armful of clothes fresh from the dryer.

I typically use the blanket in the case as a pillow, many times for my lower back because Cabeau Travel Fold N' Go Blanketthat’s where I tend to get soar on long flights. The shmooshiness of the Cabeau gives me the perfect amount of support without pushing me too far forward. I can’t tell you how many pillows I’ve tried along the way, and I HATE those inflatable concoctions – just not comfortable in my book.

The blanket is dreamy too, big (60 x 36) and soft – and did I mention that it was cozy?

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