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The Aquis® Essentials Hair Turban





I know, you’re wondering if I’ve gone a little mad. Well maybe, but the truth is that I love this hair turban and I take it everywhere I go. It’s lightweight, soft, compact and ridiculously absorbent.

I just got back from camping in Kenya’s Masai Mara and I used it every day. It was perfect for when I showered at night when it was chilly and I didn’t want to run around with wet hair. Yes, I had a towel but I used it for my body and wrapping my head in my turban at the same time was a great way to stay cozy.

I even bring it with me to luxury hotels. It’s much easier to use than wrapping a body towel around my head. Plus, it’s a lifesaver (hairsaver?) when staying with friends and two towels for a guest may not be de rigueur!


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