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Things I Love: Silicon Power 2 TB Rugged Armor External Hardrive

Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Military Grade Portable External Hard Drive, Blue

If you hear a woman screaming as if she’s being flayed, chances are that’s me realizing that I’ve lost my photos from a trip.

Since I don’t wish to disturb all of you with my heartbreak, I’ve taken precautions. A few trips back, photographer friend recommended I invest in a Silicon Power 2TB external hard drive ($109.99). It’s lightweight, compact, very sturdy and has an attached 3.0 USB cord as well as a longer version, if needed. I am so glad I did.

There’s more than enough storage to manage a copy of Lightroom, my post processing software, as well as my raw images and jpegs without worry.

I always keep it with me, along with my used compact flash cards, in my carry on luggage. Heaven forbid my check-in bags are lost.

If that happened, I would scream even louder.

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  1. My son who can destroy anything took a 500gb model on a month long trip across Israel. It can back working perfectly with a duplicate copy of his LR library. There was no 2tb version back in May. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. A 2TB drive – Doesn’t seem like space will ever be an issue with that one! And it looks tough enough to stand the rigors of travelling as well. Will look into getting one myself.

    • It’s true! 2TB is the perfect amount of space for RAW images plus whatever additional software you might want to bring along. It’s super lightweight and very durable. Trust me, I dropped it down stone steps. A lot of stone steps. I was mortified but when I plugged it in, all was well. Phew!

  3. A 2TB portable drive – And people say that times don’t change for the best! Space is never going to be an issue with that one, and it looks heavy duty enough to stand the hardships of being thrown around whilst travelling. Going to look into getting one myself I think.

    • Oh my.. I’m having serious sympathy pains. That’s terrible!

      In re: Lightroom. I copy Lr over from my computer’s hard drive by plugging in the external drive and then dragging the application icon over to the external drive. You may need to enter the serial number and purchase code again, I can’t remember. Then I open a completely new catalog on the external version of Lr and I name it after the trip I am taking and the date of the first day..Ie… 2014.9.15_Masai Mara, that way I’m not lugging around the virtual “weight” of my master catalog that has images from all my trips. When I get home, I import the trip catalog into my Master catalog.

  4. Trust me.. I know the pain…. I lost two years of photography. Stuff I had shot in Inner Mongolia, the streets of Beijing, an unknown part of The Great Wall, more of China and Paris… All gone forever

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