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Things I Love: The Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW Camera Backpack

Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW DSLR Backpack – Black

I am a camera bag nut.

I’m like Goldilocks, I’ll keep looking until I get it just right. Thankfully, I haven’t gone through the whole B&H catalog – just most of it.

A few months ago, I was looking for something that would enable me to carry my DSLR, a couple of telephoto lenses, my tripod, some lens-cleaning supplies and compact flash card or two, around town.

I wanted something on the small side, not for big trips when I need more of my kit, but a bag I could use whenever I was traipsing around the city shooting.

Now I know there are a million bags that fit that criteria but if it doesn’t work on my body, it’s irrelevant.

I tried slings (they put too much weight on one side and the next morning my back would read me the riot act), I tried other backpacks, but initially all the sizes I found were too bulky or too big or, I don’t know, they JUST DIDN’T FEEL RIGHT.

One day while I was walking up and down the bag aisle at B & H photo for the millionth time, I came upon the Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW DSLR Backpack – Black. It seemed smaller and more manageable than other bags but roomy at the same time—an unusual combo to say the least. I put it on and it was light as a feather—granted it was empty, but other bags I’ve tried are weighty in their own right and when coupled with the gear irritate the crap out of me.

I bought the bag, fully expecting to bring it back two seconds after I loaded it up at home, but to my delight it felt great. It’s small enough to allow me to navigate narrow doorways, crowded streets, subway squeezes—even at rush hour—and I have everything I want at my fingertips.

Other features that I really like:

  • There’s a rain cover—I haven’t had to use it yet but happy to know it’s there.
  • A front section that has small pockets for a notebook, smart phone, wallet, pens and other accoutrement that I might need while walking around.
  • The interior is nicely padded, I don’t worry about damage if I put it on the ground.
  • The backpack straps are very comfortable.

Months later, I am as happy now as the day I got it.  Whoopee!


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