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Travel Toilet Paper (Yes, You Read That Right)

If you’ve ever been in a foreign country in a questionable stall without any TP, you know why I love travel toilet paper. It’s compact, self-contained (no unrolling in your bag) ready when you are, and there’s about 1200 sheets to a roll. Ok, that’s exaggerating but there’s a lot. It really comes in handy when you’re dealing with allergies or a never-ending runny nose.

Now it’s true, packets of kleenex are far more chic to carry,  but after six sneezes you run out, so at the risk of being repetitive, each travel toilet paper roll lasts FOR – EVER.

I bring at least two, three-packs on every trip—far more than I usually need—but invariably I end up giving some to friends along the way.  On a trip to a remote village in Asia the need for TP was so great I held a raffle.

Don’t be caught with your pants down and nothing but your smile….. you’ll thank me later.

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