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BugX 30 Towelettes – The Best Bug Repellent for Travel

Bug X 30 Towelettes: Amazon

A friend of mine is heading for Kenya in a couple of weeks and she and I were going over her packing list. It seems that she’s a virtual mosquito magnet and she was concerned she might be attacked on Safari. I immediately suggested BugX 30 towelettes. I discovered the brand online a few years back when I was researching repellents for a trip I was taking to Costa Rica—mosquito central depending on where you’re staying. I’ve since taken it to Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya. I haven’t used anything else since.

Here’s why:

  1. They really work. Maybe I had a few bites here and there but overall it was nothing compared to what I’ve suffered using other products.
  2. I LOVE the towelettes. One towelette covered my whole body. The wipe made it easy to apply and because it wasn’t a spray I didn’t get the solution over everything else in the room.
  3. When I apply bug repellent I always wipe my socks, the bottom of my pant legs and my coat cuffs. The BugX 30 solution was kind to everything I wore and I haven’t noticed any color fading or fabric degradation.
  4. I put it on my hair. Yep. My hair. I cannot stand hearing mosquitos buzz around my ears. Lightly applying the Bug X 30 to my hair kept those little flying annoyances out of earshot and from biting my head. It’s never adversely affected my doo whatsoever.
  5. It doesn’t smell. Ok.. a little, but compared to other formulas the odor is relatively nonexistent.
  6. Carrying the towelettes was infinitely easier than carrying a bottle or spray pump. I put a couple towelettes in my pocket and off I go. Easy-peasy.
  7.  At $15.99 per box (with 25 wipes each) each application is about .64 cents per wipe. Totally acceptable in my book.

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