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The 5 Best Drugstore Beauty Products I Never Leave Home Without



I’m not a big beauty products fanatic. Most of the time whatever I find at the bottom of an event gift bag is what ends up on my bathroom counter. But when prepping for a trip there are a few things I can’t live without.  They’re nothing fancy mind you, but boy do they work!

Here are my 5 best drugstore beauty products I always take with me when I travel. 

(I have no relationship with these brands. However, if you buy these products by using the links below, I receive a small percentage of the sale with no cost to you.)

  1. Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, 1 Ounce

There are very lucky women who go about their day with a glow and those whose skin looks greasy within 20 minutes. I am (she says with a sigh) part of the latter group. If it’s a hot humid day, heaven help me. With our without makeup, dabbing this powdery, mattifying gel on my t-zone (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin), helps me look fresher, longer, instead of someone who resembles a runner at the end of a marathon.

2. Garnier Skincare Cleanser The Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelette, 25 count (5.9 in x 7.8 in)

Easier than lugging around a bottle of facial cleanser, Garnier wipes are perfect for taking off makeup and hard to remove mascara. Its formula is strong enough to cut through layers of SPF I douse myself in exotic locations, but gentle enough for my sensitive skin. On the road when a shower is hours away it’s perfect for a midday freshen up or when a sponge bath is in order.

3. Nivea a Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care, 0.17-Ounce Stick

Soft and creamy, it’s the perfect balm for those moments when your lips are screaming “Help me!” I stash multiple tubes in my jacket, carry on and camera bags. Tip: When my eyebrows get a little unruly on the road, I tab a little lip balm on my brows and shape. It keeps my stray hairs in place without looking glued to my forehead.

4. St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub Unisex 1 oz (Pack of 3)

 5 best drugstore beauty products I always take with me when I travel. 

At home, I use an electronic cleansing brush in the shower but it’s not inconvenient to take on the road. Cue my travel-size tube of Apricot Facial Scrub. Particular delightful in hot or dusty climates, nothing feels better than scrubbing off the dirt and sweat that accumulates on your skin after a long day’s adventure.

5. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream with Aloe – Fresh Clean – 5.5 oz

Simply my favorite, and, woohoo, it’s not expensive. Thick and velvety, I love the way my body instantly feel silky and hydrated without a greasy residue.

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The 5 Best Drugstore Beauty Products I Never Leave Home Without



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  1. Thank you Susan for sharing your travel tips. I’ll be doing some traveling and i really appreciate learning about the products you use.

  2. So glad to add #1 and #2 to my bag! Hotel soap often doesn’t remove my thick layers of sunscreen! Already a fan of the other products. Thx!

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