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Woman at Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2016

Don’t Miss Coney Island’s Fabulous Mermaid Parade

Women half dressed wearing fish costumes. Men half dressed wearing fish costumes. Elaborate doos, makeup for days. Painted floats and classic cars. The streets filled with cheering crowds. Welcome to the Mermaid Parade. It’s quite a spectacle. When to go I’d read about the Parade for years before finally going in […]

8 Reasons You’re Taking Bad Photos and How to Make them Better

How many times have you taken a photo, looked at your LCD and thought….Ugh? I’ve been there. I  knew what I wanted creatively but couldn’t make my vision a reality. Or, I was close on the vision but the photo was blurry, underexposed or blown out. From the practical to the philosophical, here are 8 possible […]

Crocodile tries to bite a zebra in the Masa Mara River in Kenya

On Safari in Kenya: Zebra vs Crocodile!

It’s hot. Really hot. It feels as if we’ve been stuffed into a convection oven and I pray for a breeze. The temperature and immobility are making me sleepy but there’s no way we’re leaving. We’re in Kenya on a WildEye Photographic safari. Our jeeps are parked along a 20-foot embankment where the Mara River […]

Susan Portnoy, the insatiable Traveler, horseback riding in Montana

Feeling Burned Out? Feel Better at Triple Creek Ranch in Montana

I was exhausted.  Emotionally Spent. Tired of the daily gut punch delivered by the news each day, the spats on Facebook and other social media channels, of wanting to stay informed yet feeling overwhelmed. The best thing about living in New York is you’re at the center of everything. It’s also the worst thing. […]

Meet Patricia Fox – Queen of the Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival

This Sunday, a throng of New Yorkers and visitors alike will head to midtown to attend one of the city’s most anticipated and inspired celebrations: the Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival. Bedecked and bedazzled, half of the partygoers will mill about in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral wearing beautifully crafted, handmade […]