Sikio: A Real-Life Aslan


When I was a little girl, my teacher read my elementary school class The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. It’s a magical tale about a kingdom called Narnia, and in part, its king, a talking lion named Aslan. In it, he’s the epitome of wisdom, bravery, strength, and power.

Aslan made my little heart swoon.

I desperately wanted him to be real and more importantly, my friend. While sadly my dream never came true, I realized my love for Aslan was the start of my passions for lions. Even today, though I am much older, when I see a lion in the wild I still feel the same burst of excitement I felt as a child when I first learned about Aslan.

Enter Sikio, a handsome young male from the Marsh Pride, brother of Hunter and the renowned Scar, seen here one morning in the Mara Triangle, a lion whose beauty and nobility could easily be the type of lion upon which Lewis conjured Aslan.

Sikio was on the hunt. Not for food, but for a very pretty female lion that passed our vehicle a few minutes earlier. He was focused on her and she was very focused on getting as far away as possible. His charms, alas, did not sway her. She didn’t seem to care that he was the incarnation of Aslan, to her he was the height of annoying.

I guess she never read C. S. Lewis.

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  1. Such a handsome fella! We couldn’t get enough of the lions on our safari in South Africa – it was so amazing that we could get so close to them… We even watched them eating a kill (and they were just a few feet away from us).

    • I couldn’t agree more.. he was amazing. Sounds like you guys had a great sighting. I’ve always been amazed how the wildlife behaves as if travelers are just an audience while they put on the play of their lives. They completely ignore us in most cases and when they get close, it’s awe-inspiring.

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