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Adorable Costumed Canines Take Over Lower Manhattan

It’s that time of year!

Hundreds of dogs and their happy humans descended upon Tompkins Square Park on Manhattan’s lower east side yesterday to show off their costumes in the 25th Annual Halloween Dog Parade. Their goal: to win the coveted “Best in Show” award.

It’s always a hoot and each year it gets bigger and bigger. There were over 300 contestants strutting their stuff down a Beggins-sponsored runway with at least a thousand onlookers cheering them on.  (It was so crowded this year,  I was sure I was going to step on someone’s child or little canine toes. Thankfully, I didn’t maim anyone but there were definitely a few close calls.)

The crush made it hard to take decent photos but I’ve compiled a few I thought you’d like to see. For a full dose of the doggie display, check out the link above.


A lion Labradoodle…


An exhausted ewok


Mr. Monopoly


Adorable witches


Pablo (I think that was his name, it was so darn loud) celebrating the Day of the Dead


Pablo’s peeps – They won the grand prize


Scarlet and Rhett….oh my.


Back to the Future, doggie style


SPortnoy-0104The coolest Yankee ever


Dainty doggie


A hilarious Google maps camera car


Look at that cute mug!

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