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Rediscovering New York: Brooklyn Bridge Park Take 2


Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park New York City

The blue hour from Brooklyn Bridge Park with Jane’s Carousel in the foreground.

As I was perusing photos on the internet, as I am want to do, I was intrigued by night shots of the Golden Gate Bridge taken by west coast photographer, Bruce Getty.

His images inspired me to hustle my bum to Brooklyn Bridge Park to try my hand at a night shooting, and I am pretty excited how it all turned out considering I’ve never done anything like it before…

My first attempt was a lot of fun and I decided to go back to another part of the park, further north, where I would have a better angle in which to nab some images with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges as my muses.

Manhattan bridge view from Brooklyn Bridge Park

As night descended, a golden hue descended upon the scene making it look as if the bridges and everything around it had been dipped in gold

This time I wanted to try a long-exposure (meaning the shutter speed is slowed waaaaayyy down so that camera can capture as much light as possible) photography. The technique gives an ethereal quality to a photograph that I really like and makes water look as smooth as ice.


View of Brooklyn Bridge, New York City and Jane's Carousel

A wider view encompassing the Brooklyn bridge, the Manhattan skyline and Jane’s carousel


The night sky was thick with clouds but there was just enough light peeking through to make it interesting. The blue hour (the time just after sunset where the sky turns that brilliant cobalt blue) was living up to its name and I walked around the park looking for different angles so that when it got dark I would know where I wanted to shoot.

When the blue hour was over, the sky took on a brilliant copper hue, making the city and the bridges look as if they’d been dipped in gold.


Underneath the Brooklyn bridge looking towards Manhattan and the World Trade Center building

Tucked under the Brooklyn Bridge, a view of the Manhattan skyline and the World Trade Center


As a bonus, I had completely forgotten about Jane’s CarouselI love carousels—that’s nestled on a little peninsula north of the Brooklyn bridge, and I think it made for an interesting addition to the scene.

Where do I shoot in the City next? That’s the question now… Any ideas?


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  1. Susan, great shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. I must have somehow missed this post; I see that it is dated about 10 days ago. It’s been a couple years since I’ve photographed it (I’m based in Washington, DC), when did that Carousel show up? Anyway, you asked for suggestions, which I hesitate to make since you probably have done everything that I might come up with…..but what the heck. One of my favorites at night is the Flatiron Building. Another is the Art Deco theme, little details you can find all over, especially around the Rockefeller Center. And finally, the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, largely because I still haven’t managed to successfully capture it yet.

    • Thank you so much for the note. I agree the flatiron would be great. Haven’t shot that yet. The fountain I have done, but like you, I’m not thrilled with my results.

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