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Rediscovering New York: Opportunistic Photography And The Naked (Almost) Triathlete

Man runs NYC Triathlon

This morning was the New York City Triathlon. I’m not particularly a fan but every year the competitors literally run by my apartment. I’ve never taken the time to watch before, it’s at full steam by 7:30am and in years past I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed.

Man crosses West End in NYC Triathlon

Last night however, it occurred to me that the race would be a wonderful opportunity to practice my photographic panning skills. How different could a running human be from a running wildebeest? Ok.. that’s a bit silly, but you get my drift.

I wasn’t trying to win any photographic awards, just fine tune my ability to follow a moving object.

It was good practice, but a tad boring. The crowds were thin due to the lousy weather and the level of enthusiasm was a three on a scale of one to ten, at best.

Then he happened….

Man races NYC Triathlon in Speedo

and the crowd went wild!

Amazing the impact a Speedo has on the public.


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