Postcard: A Leopard Saunters Through The Timbavati

Rock Fig Junior Leopard in the Timbavati Game Reserve

Tomorrow I leave for Amboseli National Park in Kenya known for its huge herds of wild elephant after eight days in the Timbavati Game Reserve in South Africa photographing wildlife. It’s been an intense trip so far filled with frigid temperatures (it’s amazing how cold it gets at night and in the early morning), beautiful landscapes and sightings, and more than a few frustrations.

Rockfig Junior, the gorgeous leopard above has unusual eyes that take on a turquoise hue in the right light. She’s a mom with a couple of young cubs, though we never saw them. She’d tucked them away under brush and a fallen tree to protect them from other predators.

We saw her periodically throughout our stay, a lovely cat who seemed to enjoy (well, maybe enjoy is too strong a word), posing and strutting and allowing us to ooooo and ahhhhh over her incessantly.

More to come….



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  1. She’s a big girl but also very elegant. She seemed to wait for us to get our shots and one time while following her we lost her in a thicket only to have her appear five minutes later to our side a hundred meters down the road. She was very accommodating. 🙂

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