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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Timothy Allen

Photo: Timothy Allen

Photo: Timothy Allen

Whenever I need a little inspiration, I look at images by travel photographer Timothy Allen. They always blow me away.

Take this image that he posted recently on his Facebook page celebrating his return to Mongolia, a destination he fell in love with while shooting the stills for BBC’s Human Planet. (For anyone that’s interested, he also leads two photographic tours there every year.) It’s just breathtaking. Can’t you feel the cold outside? I can imagine myself huddling there with the rest of the group sipping tea, or whatever it is that they’re drinking. Immediately you get a sense of place that’s utterly captivating. I love how one person is looking at the camera while others are in engaged in conversation, as if the viewer is taking the picture. I love the rich gold of the wood and the framing of the beams on the sides of the image and overhead. The shadows add a sense of drama and mystery.

What do you like?


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  1. I like the many powerful, contrasting elements. Obviously light at the centre vs the darkness at the edges and in the shadows. The warmth of the fire vs the evident cold that they’re huddling to avoid. The open but enclosed wooden space. Despite these complex features the image looks genuine, almost easy. Beautiful!

  2. I like the shine of the fire at the centre, that lights up the small space (Looks like a bunker)..The fur hat of the man at the centre, with a golden spark. Most of all, the pattern of the smoke in the air…

      • I’ve been looking at his work, thanks for posting his image. I am very tempted to join one of his trips, but I daren’t look at what he charges! Low light opportunities are very challenging and you are fortunate if there’s enough light in the shadows, or that the highlights aren’t off the scale.

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