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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Peter Turnley

Photo: Peter Turnley

Photo: Peter Turnley

The complexity of an image can make or break it. Have to much going on in the frame without a reason or a focus, doesn’t draw the viewer in, it repels her. Capture layers within an image that build upon a mood, enhance the story, evoke and emotion, and you have gold.

Capturing layers is something I want to work on in my street photography. Hell, all my photography, but I’ve thought about it more and more recently after spending time in Cuba where the streets were filled with so much visual inspiration.

This photo by renowned photographer, Peter Turnley, spoke to me immediately. The layers: the woman, the windows in the background, the reflections of the handrail and the churning water, come together to make a riveting image.

What do you think of this picture?


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  1. I understand and I had many time that feeling when you see the pictures of another photographer. I like the concept of this one and how the layers are making me seeing different levels on the pictures. It’s not of the photographs I wish had took. But it’s a good one.
    Thanks for sharing this


  2. I’m kinda jealous with photographers like Peter and You, Susan. I hope one day I’ll figure out all the things you have learned. Great job!

  3. The tones are wonderful, the white nice indeed and one of the strengths is that the intersecting lines (which fall on her eyes) is an aid rather than a distraction. The point about layering is great. Here it is intriguing what is being reflected (rocks on a sea shore?) so it is also a plus that it is not clear and leaves the view speculating.

  4. This looks great! I wish I was more of the creative type, so I could make art out of a scene like this. Some people just have an eye for this kind of material. I may not be able to put a composition like this together, but I’ll take the ability to appreciate work like this as a consolation prize any day.

    • You have the best attitude. Appreciating great work is a talent. But I also would imagine that you have more creativity than you think. And, Peter, well, he’s had 30 years as a major photographer.. He’s had practice. 🙂

  5. I’m pretty imprest of that kind of picture. I can tell, i won’t have the idea to take a picture like this. I really like the reflection of the sea right in front of the woman. I like it.

  6. I was scrolling through street photographies around here and I was thinking “damn, a lot of people seem to think that a good street picture has to be in black and white no matter what”… And then I saw this: a good example when it actually makes sense. Great job.

  7. Great composition!!! But just like you put it: it´s not too much going on. If it wasn´t only reflections of water & a handrail but for example of people or sth. similar, it could have been too much, drawing the observers attention away from the woman. But it´s perfect & I like it!

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