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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Mark Seabury


Photo: Mark Seabury

Photo: Mark Seabury

To begin, I wish I’d taken this photo, apply called Sand Waves by Mark Seabury, because it would have been glorious to see this view in person. I love the image because it made me stop in my tracksโ€”a clear sign I’m heading down the path towards envy.

What do I love?

The colors for one. I love the way the various shades of orange make the sand look as if its liquid, flowing down the side of the dune. The green juxtaposed to the color of the sand immediately grabs the eye and holds it, forcing you to stop for a moment and then drink in the rest slowly.

Compositionally, I love the sweeping lines of the dunes that run diagonally through the image, drawing they eye up to the top of the photo. The S-curve at the bottom makes a wonderful frame for the tree paired with the vertical jeep tracks that run down the right hand side. The tree placed in the lower right-hand corner balances everything out.

I found this image on Nat Geo’s Your Shot gallery… Mark’s eloquent description of this capture is as follows.

“As we floated over the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon at sunrise, I was captivated by the plays of light from the morning rays of sun over the repeating patterns of undulating dunes. It was like the desert was alive with motion, with sand waves mimicking the swell of the sea extending as far as the eye could see into the distant horizon. This single tree appeared in the arid earth as a steadfast symbol of life in impossible conditions – a lone survivor in a vast ocean.”

What do you like about the photo?



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  1. I love that I can’t immediately tell if it’s a photo or if it’s a painting. I love that the green tree is surviving, even thriving, all alone in a vast wilderness. I love that this photo reminds me of Disney’s Aladdin and takes me back to my childhood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Susan! This is my first time looking at your blog. I did not surf around much but, I wanted to say this,
    I really liked your title for the post series.
    Good job! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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