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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Jan Eric Euler

Photo: Jan Eric Euler

Photo: Jan Eric Euler

Can you imagine waking up to this?!

What a wonderful capture by Jan Eric Euler. I wish I’d seen this beautiful rainbow in person and, of course, taken the picture.

I love the mood and the mystery of this photo.

When I saw it and thought it would be a perfect image to go with a movie about extraterrestrials or some supernatural flick.

The silhouettes make it. While it would have been a lovely image without them it’s extraordinary with them.

Don’t you agree?…

Here’s the story behind the image in Jan’s words…

“We found our selfs in awe – staring at a vivid rainbow first thing in the morning after waking up to a dark grey sky and the expectation of rain all day. But when the sun creeped across the horizon it sent some rays through a little hole in the clouds and this rainbow appeared.”


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