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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Dawn Wilson

Photo: Dawn Wilson

Photo: Dawn Wilson

Timing is everything. In Life. In Love. In Photography, without a doubt.

In this photo by Dawn Wilson, that I found while exploring the Your Shot pages on National Geographic, timing makes this image a killer.

Here’s the back story from Dawn’s post on Nat Geo….

“I made a point of stopping in the North Fork Canyon outside Cody to photograph the bighorn sheep during their annual rut,” she writes. “The weather had been warm, so activity was a bit low. But on my final drive out of the canyon before heading home, I came upon two rams fighting nonstop, to the point that each had a bloody nose. An hour into the battle, this ram, which wound up being defeated, stopped for the briefest of moments to look at me, almost like a plea for help.”

Why I love it: Yes, the horns of the sheep are stunning. The texture, the echoing of gentle curves, but it’s the eye perfectly framed by the horns in conjunction with the richness and simplicity of the honey tones that makes this baby sing. I would imagine that if the animal had a busier coat, say a tiger or leopard, it would still be good but perhaps a bit distracting and not as compelling as this photo.

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