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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Craig Jackson

Photo: Craig Jackson

I found this photo months ago, made a note of it and then life happened and I got distracted. Later, I couldn’t remember where I put my note. Arghh…

Today, I stumbled upon the URL… Yay! A wonderful image by photographer, Craig Jackson, and wanted to share it with you as part of the many photographs I wish I had taken. Those of you who know my work and have read my blog, know that I am a fan of panning: the technique of using a slow shutter speed while focusing on a moving subject. It’s a great way to convey a sense of movement and to craft a photograph that is both interesting and dynamic.

This is an extraordinary panning capture. Not only because of the clarity of the animals but because of the variation in height between the impala and the wild dog. For both to be in focus, they had to be in the same focal plane. Considering the impala is running for its life and the dog is anxious to eat, catching both so beautifully was no doubt a combination of talent and a whole bunch of luck.

Also, lets not forget that seeing a wild dog is special in and of itself. They are highly endangered animals and any kind of sighting is a treat. Seeing one hunting like this is extraordinary. Capturing it all in an image…



Have you ever tried panning? If so, tell me about your photo and include a URL in the comment section.  I would also love to read your thoughts on the image above.



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  1. That’s a fantastic shot…..I wish I had taken it too. I’ve tried a few panning shots of rally cars recently and that was hard enough…..but these are smaller, more agile, don’t have a set course to follow and are probably faster in short bursts.

  2. Absolutely stunning image. All what you have mentioned is spot on and I also love the height that the Impala is jumping to – it screams action to me.

    I have tried slow pans on lots of different subjects, often times it doesn’t work out, so its a lot of trial an error. My most success was in getting a slow pan of some flamingoes running along the water before taking off on Lake Nakuru.

    The technique can though produce some stunning results but It’s not to everybody’s taste though.

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