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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Colt Forney


Photo: Colt Forney

Photo: Colt Forney

When I was 17 I saw a tornado. I was working at Ann Taylor (it was my first “real” job) in Troy, Michigan, a suburb about 50 miles north of Detroit

I was in the parking lot facing east and there it was, dangerous and fascinating, traveling south a mile or two down the main road from me.

The sky was a thick yellow-green, and the tornado, like the one above, was a mix of grey and white. The bottom of the funnel touched the ground blocks ahead of its base in the clouds and ripped up everything in its path.

I could see large flashes of light that looked like lightning, but it was the high tension wires and street lamps being pulled from the ground.

I’ve never forgotten that scene; I see it vividly in my mind’s eye, even today, but sadly I didn’t have a camera. When I see this shot by Colt Forney, I remember that moment and I’m a little bummed I wasn’t able to capture it.

Colt’s image is far more dazzling and cinematic that my suburban recollection, and I love his friend in the red hoodie, that pop of color really adds something to browns of the landscape.

I wonder what happened seconds after this image was taken, don’t you? Did the boys stay to watch or did they flee lucky to get away alive?

I guess we’ll never know…











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