Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Brian Yen

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Brian Yen

Photo by Brian Yen

National Geographic Traveler is in the middle of its annual 2014 National Geographic Traveler Contest which showcases an impressive array of images from photographers worldwide. I was looking through the “Photo of the Day” selects, culled from the many submissions, and found this photo by Brian Yen. Talk about cultural commentary: a packed train, everyone their own little island and the young lady in the center on her cell phone, separated even further from the rest. I just love it. I especially love the dark blue glow of the train, I think it makes the photo. Had this been in New York City the train would have lights bright enough for an emergency room and the effect wouldn’t nearly have been as successful.  The ability to single her out would not have been as powerful. Here’s what Brian had to say about his image.

Tunnel Vision

Photograph by Brian Yen

“In the last ten years, mobile data, smartphones, and social networks have forever changed our existence,” writes Brian Yen, who submitted this picture of an Ocean Park Hong Kong tram to the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. “Although this woman stood at the center of a jam-packed train, the warm glow from her phone told the strangers around her that she wasn’t really there. She managed to slip away for a short moment, a node flickering on the social web, roaming the Earth, free as a butterfly. Our existence is no longer stuck to the physical here—we’re free to run away, and run we will.” ~ National Geographic More Photos I Wish I Had Taken

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