Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Benjamin Lowy

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Benjamin Lowy

Photos: Benjamin Lowy

Since I’ve been posting photos that I took in the City the last few days, I felt it would be apropos to choose a New York scene for my photo covet this week.

The image above was taken by photojournalist Benjamin Lowy. I found his feed on Instagram and loved his work so much that I traced him to Facebook and then to his website, and on and on.

I remember when he first posted this shot and I was instantly jealous. Why do I love it so much?…

Composition, composition, composition.. it’s staggeringly good. The camera is positioned diagonally to the wall separating the stairs enabling the viewer to see the two men on the steps. Hanging between them, as if manna from heaven, the “Do Not Sit On Stairs” sign.  Love it.

Then he manages to capture two additional people on the upper left-hand side in silhouette reflection. It’s wonderfully balanced and wrought with bleak emotion. Converting it to black and white just amplifies the sentiment and ta da! Awesome photo.

This is what Benjamin had to say about this image from his Facebook page.

New York City, NY | January 1, 2014 New Yorkers. Defining irony since it all began.

As soon as the New Year began, I jumped in my car and made my way to NY Penn station. My meeting point with @ruddyroye My friend, inspiration, and photo comrade. We had both decided to spend New Years with our families, but head to Penn Station to document the after – The revelers returning home, the homeless trying to stay warm, NYers from all walks of life interacting in the travel hub.

What do you think of Benjamin’s work?

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