Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Artur Cabral

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Artur Cabral

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Artur Cabral

I was speaking with a friend last night about portraits and the importance of connecting with a subject in order to capture something truly special. As he put it on a Twitter post I responded to:

“The difference between great and average portraits? It’s not lighting, megapixels or lenses. It’s Love & empathy.”

I couldn’t agree more.

That connection is something with which I struggle. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I still have a hard time walking up to strangers I’d like to photograph, more so in the United States, and ask for a photo. I tend to get self-conscious and become nervous, so nervous that I rush the moment, afraid that they’ll get bored or annoyed, and I don’t always get what I’m looking for.  I’m getting better but I need a lot more practice.

I think photographer Artur Cabral however, has this ability in spades. He has an extraordinary array of wonderful portraits that I’ve seen scrolling through my feed on Facebook over the last year. And while this is far from the only image I love, it is one of my favorites. Every time I look at it I smile.

I think you’d have to be a Grinch not to smile after seeing such an adorable, cheeky, utterly precious, grin.


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