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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Anette Mossbacher


Photo: Anette Mosbacher

Photo: Anette Mosbacher

I was looking through Anette Mossbacher’s portfolio the other day for inspiration and came across this image. Jealousy ripped through me like a knife.

First I was jealous that she was able to see such an amazing moment. I mean, a white polar bear snuggled up on top of black rocks underneath a full moon! What are the chances of that? One in a million? Two?

After the first wave of jealousy hit me, the second, even more powerful than the first, gripped me good. Not only did she see it but she nailed the photo!

I did a little digging and according to an interview I read, she and a few other photographers were sharing a zodiac, forcing her to stand up to keep their lenses out of the image.

So lets recap: Not only did the stars align to place a white polar bear on black rocks underneath a full moon in front of her, she managed to land the shot while floating in a boat…In the dark. I can’t.

It’s a gorgeous image.

I think I’ve said enough.



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  1. Hi Susan,

    was wondering from where the referral came from in my website. Thank you very much for this post. I highly appreciate it as well all comments 😀
    This was one of the highlights we had on this trip. Everybody was talking about this the rest of the trip. It always came up at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    For to get this image, it was a challenge to keep the long lens steady in the zodiac. When you know the how to, then all works fine, also just forget all around you 😀 Especially the icy cold water!

    Thank you very much and keep up your great blog. I love to read in here the posts.

    Ciao Anette

    • I know that feeling. One minute I feel super on top of it all and the next….oy… I guess it just means we expect a lot from ourselves. I don’t think that’s bad until we make ourselves crazy.

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