Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: A.M. Ahad

Photo: A.M. Ahad

“In Dhaka, Bangladesh, a train races through a verdant landscape while men ride on top. Though dangerous, riding on the tops of trains is commonplace in Bangladesh, either because there’s no room inside the cars to accommodate all who want to ride, or people simply can’t afford the fare.” ~ Nat Geo.   Photo: A.M. Ahad

Why do I wish I’d taken this photo?

Let’s see…

I immediately feel a sense of  place: the sound of the train, the vibration, the wind flowing over their bodies. I feel their exhaustion, can’t you?

I love the way the blur flanks the center image and how the leading line of the train and the men in the background draw the eye from front to back.

I love the how the mix of colors from the mens’ clothing plays off the faded colors and rectangular graphics of the train’s roof.

It’s no wonder that National Geographic’s365 Travel” chose A.M. Ahad  photo as on of October’s best.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this photo…..




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  1. They’re all wearing really nice, almost pastel colours. its look amazing with the blurred veg whizzing by and the phallic carriage is almost like a frame but in the middle of the composition.
    A competition entry for sure.. winner even !

  2. I too agree i love the contrast between the huge steel train surrounded by all the lush vegetation and the people just completely relaxed on top while speeding through the nature. Such an amazing photo I wish i could take a photo like that also lol.

  3. I agree with many of the thoughts above and admit the perspective is fabulous…especially the change in size of the people. But what I like most is the contrast of the steel and the powerful representation of the train itself, being softened or tamed by humans, as it pierces through the lush, natural jungle. I love all your photos Susan…from Africa to Central Park…you are doing such great work. It is so awesome you share others work as well for us to see. Thank you!

  4. Great image, Susan. Pretty bold photographer to take that shot. It also appears he was standing, which makes it even more impressive. As you say, he was on the train because the only objects showing motion blur are the trees. Had he been on a bridge, it would have been the opposite.

  5. And let’s not forget that the photographer must also have been on top of the train to capture the image……which is pretty brave. I’ve done a couple of train journeys in India……but not like this I haven’t.

  6. By looking at the picture, I could easily imagine how life moves on in Bangladesh. I almost saw similar scenes in India. They used to say, ‘ a picture can tell a thousand words.’

  7. Good choice! I love this photo for its sense of movement and perspective – both the strong perspective lines and the sense of shifting perspective suggested by the blurring of the foliage at the side of the train. It’s also a great capture of a particular set of people engaged in a particular behavior so as a documentary photo of society, culture, place and time, it’s very strong.

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