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Photographs I Wish I Had Taken: Dave Bouskill

Photo: Dave Bouskill

Photo: Dave Bouskill

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed, as I am want to do, and saw this image by fellow travel blogger Dave Bouskill, one half of the famed travel duo from The Planet D. Immediately I wished I’d taken it.

Why? Let me count the ways.

  1. I love love love silhouettes: They add mystery and when done well, as in this case, compel the viewer to take a closer look.
  2. The low angle is wonderful: While the dancers are the focal point, the drama of the clouds overhead and the sun at eye level gives the image a magnificent cinematic quality.
  3. Timing: Everything came together here. For silhouettes to work the subjects have to be recognizable and the more detail the better. Dave managed to capture all three dancers at a point where their positions enabled the viewer to see each clearly as well as the fringe of the costume on the right, the headdress in the middle, and the drum on the left. But that’s not all, he caught all three when they were compositionally in balance around the circle and the sun was just hitting the horizon.  Amazing!
  4. The slight reduction in clarity adds an ethereal quality I really like.

What do you think of this photo?


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  1. HI Susan, I love this photo because it lets you create your own story. The photographer is like a good author who lets the reader be a participant in the ending of their book. I could create many stories about this image; celebration, death/sadness, prayer, hope…. and that is why I believe it is so compelling.

    And, FYI Susan, you have inspired me to do a solo photography safari. Im leaving next month for a nine day So.Africa and Botswana safari–Mala Mala and Mashatu camps with a So. African photography guide. Can’t wait and I’m studying your blog, your images and “I wish I had taken this….” posts for inspiration. Many thanks for sharing your journeys with so many of us. Look forward to your updates.

    • I have no idea why that ugly scary avatar showed up with my posts. I don’t seem able to change it. I’m rather nice, not at all like that creature : )

    • Woohoo! Thanks, Patricia. I couldn’t receive a nicer compliment. I want people to find as much pleasure in travel as I do and safaris, as you can tell, are high on my list of fabulous adventures. I am so happy that my work has inspired you and I can’t wait till you get back to hear all about it. SA and Botswana are spectacular destinations. I haven’t been to either of those camps so I look forward to getting your feedback. Have a great time!!!!

      • P.S. Sorry.. I was so excited about your kind words that I forgot to comment on the first part of your comment. I totally agree. The image says so much and provides so much room for interpretation at the same time. You phrased it perfectly.

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