Sitting a Spell with Coyote & Crow

Walk through Washington Square Park on a beautiful spring day, and you’ll be met with a cacophony of sound: Children laughing, dogs barking, the splash of the water fountain, the ever-present rumble of passing vehicles, and the tangled sounds of performers entertaining crowds from every corner of it’s nearly […]

Man outside of Dakota looks like an antique photo in New York City

The Magic of Time Travel

Living in Manhattan for so long on the cutting edge of just about everything, it’s hard to imagine how it must have looked decades before I ever set foot in the Big Apple. Sure, I’ve seen a gazillion Scorsese flicks and I watched all five seasons of Boardwalk […]


The Dance of the Samburu

I’m watching the girls whisper to each other, their hands cupped over their mouths in playful secrecy. I can’t help but laugh, it’s incredible how some things are so universal. The scene reminds me of my high-school days, my friends and I giggling over my latest crush. The […]

On the Heels of Hemingway

I’d never seen a shark butchered before, and I wasn’t particularly sure I wanted to see it then. A man with cigar-sized digits hacked at its lifeless head with a black blade the length of my forearm. Blood and sea water oozed out of its mouth as he […]