Free Safari Packing List: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for a Great Trip

Duffel bag - Safari Packing List

Packing for a safari requires thought, some colors are betters than others, there are seasonal considerations, luggage restrictions, and stringent weight limits on flights into the bush. The nuances are unique to safaris but are easy to mitigate once you have the information you’ll find below. Plus, to make things even easier, I’ve included a […]

Breathtaking Views Around the World Worth Traveling For

Sahara desert - morocco

Veteran travel writers cringe at the use of the word breathtaking: It’s too cliché, overused or as far as they are concerned, if something doesn’t literally take the air out of your lungs a writer shouldn’t use it. While I agree it’s a tad played out, it conveys exactly what it’s meant to. If someone […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Kenya Wildlife Safari

Giraffe silhouette in front of rising sun - Kenya Wildlife Safari_-201

You’ve been dreaming about going to Kenya wildlife safari. Good choice. There’s no better time to go. Kenya Airways now has a direct flight from New York to Nairobi, which means the usual 22-hour journey, including a layover, is now a 14-hour direct flight. Trust me, even though it’s still a long-haul it’s so much better than going […]

Inspirational Images and Tales From 10 Years of Life-Changing Travel

Expired Passport_10 years of world travel

It was as if I was saying goodbye to a dear friend. I plopped my expired passport–the one that has traveled with me on all my adventures over the last 10 years—into the waiting envelope.  The time had come for me to give up my faithful, dog-eared companion. It was the end of an era; […]

The Ultimate Dream Holiday: Is an African Safari Right for You?

Who doesn’t want to go on their dream holiday? The question is, what does that mean to you? For me, it means an African safari, a spectacular, otherworldly experience, that (and I warn you), left me wanting more. So much so, that after my first trip to South Africa, I went to Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, […]

8 Reasons You’re Taking Bad Photos and How to Make Them Better

How many times have you taken a bad photo, when in your mind’s eye what you imagined was wonderful? I’ve been there. I  knew what I wanted creatively but I wasn’t able to make my vision a reality. Or I was close to the vision but the photo was blurry, underexposed or blown out. From the practical to the […]

“Speaking of Travel” – Peru, Cuba, Africa – My Interview on I Heart Radio

Speaking of travel

A while back, I was featured in a USA Today article entitled Life-changing travel: Bloggers share their magical moments. In it, I talked about my trip to Machu Picchu – a destination that was a first for me on many fronts. A few weeks later I received an email from Marilyn Ball, a vivacious southerner […]

22 Photos from Around the Globe in Celebration of Earth Day

Landscape photos celebrating Earth Day_SusanPortnoy-1-2

Earth Day the world’s largest environmental movement celebrated annually on April 22. Begun in 1970, the celebration was created to show support for environmental protection. Over the years, the Earth Day Network has garnered the support of 75,000 partners in close to 192 countries. More than 1 billion people participate in various Earth Day environmentally […]