You’ll Love These Nine Stunning Instagram Feeds

You'll love the 9 stunning instagram feeds

I’m far from the first person to offer up a list of favorite Instagram feeds, but I wanted to shine a light on some great accounts where the posts have inspired me in some way. Usually it’s because I’ve seen something in the photos that I want to improve in my own work which could be a myriad of things from composition, use of color, the mood or emotion they impart or a signature style I admire.

These are not big five and six figure following Instagram accounts that you see featured again and again. They get enough attention. These feeds are under 10K, some significantly smaller than that. I think people place too much emphasis on numbers. There are a lot of wonderful galleries out there from people who haven’t racked up the fans. I’ve also mixed up the photographic styles a bit so, hopefully, you’ll find something below that speaks to you.


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The cow keeper #hoian

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Picsofasia: Photographer Etienne Bossot from PicsofAsia, focuses his lens in southern Asia and has a wonderful eye for capturing slices of life and infusing them with interest and romance. I just recently discovered his work and he’s inspired me to think more creatively about my compositions and framing.

Chris Michel

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Photographic objective: Amplify Joy.

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Christopher Michel (pronounced Michael not Michelle) is wildly versatile and always traveling. One minute he’s posting from a coffee shop in San Francisco (a favorite haunt), the next he may be in Antarctica or New Mexico. He’s a master at portraits and I’m pretty sure he has his Leica glued to his hand.They’re never far apart.  His images from Svalbard and Santa Fé are personal favorites. (P.S. Full disclosure, Chris is a friend, but my obvious bias aside, his feed is worth a look.)

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.55.11 PM.png

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom  turns her Instagram feed it on its head by filling it with big puzzle-piece images that will undoubtedly grab your attention. She travels the world and creates big, bright, dynamic photos that leap off the screen.

5. Travel Photographer Society

Recently launched, Travel Photographer Society’s feed is an extension of a new digital magazine of the same name that just premiered. Obviously, this is not a specific individual’s work,  but I’ve included it because it showcases a lot of wonderful talent in its stellar gallery, most of whom have under 10K followings.

5. ddskline

ddskline’s urban photos are taken in New York City and Boston. My favorite photos are those shot from cat-eye level or lower (mouse-level?). Architectural photography is not a love of mine, I’m not particularly good at it and I find that many of the images I see, though technically spot on, leave me cold. Her photos have warmth that draw me in.

6. Piper Mackay

Piper Mackay spends most of her time in Africa (She recently moved to Kenya from California), though I’ve seen some stunning pictures from India and the western United States. She’s equally good at shooting wildlife as she is photographing people who are often from indigenous cultures found in Kenya, Namibia and Ethiopia.

7. Rachel Isely

Rachel Isely’s bright, colorful images mix architecture, graphics and beautifully detailed closeups into a gallery you’ll want to kick back and spend some time with.

8. Ando Fuchs

Fine art photographer Ando Fuchs is a recent discovery. I was exploring Instagram and his photos stopped me in my tracks. His black and white images are dramatic, mysterious, and have a cinematic quality I find captivating.

9. Mohamad Binyousef

Mohamad Binyousef’s work is rich with emotion and texture and his use of light blows me away. I especially love his fascination with hands and the level of detail he captures.

A bonus feed (and somewhat shameless plug)

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You might not be surprised that the Kazakhs in #Mongolia love wrestling, but did you know that they love wrestling at weddings? That's right, according to our wonderful fixer and translator, Agii Mackhsum, no Kazakh would consider having a wedding—or large party for that matter—without wrestling. It’s the most important attribute of the culture’s historic “Three Manly Skills,” which also includes horsemanship and archery. It’s said that Genghis Khan made his warriors wrestle to keep in shape. While the matches were exciting to watch, they weren't the only thing that entertained, the wrestlers' uniforms were a show unto themselves. On the bottom, a competitor sported a speedo-type turquoise brief called a shuudag. On top he wore a Shodog: a vest with sleeves that covers the upper and lower arms leaving the chest and shoulders free. On their feet, the men wore a pair of Gutal: fancy almost knee-high boots made from beautifully tooled leather with a curved, upturned toe. When not in the midst of a competition, they donned a round cap with a point that looked like the top half of an unopened champagne bottle. A few of the wrestlers were lean, lanky fellows, but most were big beefy men with stomachs suggesting they swallowed a basketball. For better or worse, their uniforms seemed to be one size fits all.

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I thought this would be a good time to note that for readers of The Insatiable Traveler, if you don’t follow my Instagram feed, please consider it. You may recognize some of the images from my blog but I typically provide behind-the-scenes details you might find interesting that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have a favorite Instagram account that inspires you, please tell me about it in the comments. I love new recommendations and I’m sure my other readers will too.

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Nine Stunning Instagram Feeds You’ll Love with Less Than 10k Followers. By Susan Portnoy, The Insatiable Traveler

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  1. I love these! I’m always looking to follow more instagram accounts that really prioritise beautiful and artistic photos – I want my feed to be a gallery, not just an album 🙂

  2. I’m always on the look for new instagram acounts to follow for inspiration. Thank you for putting together a list with accounts that truly have some wonderful photography!

  3. I’ve never looked at any instagrams but some of these are so enticing I’ll have to have a look. Particularly like Ando, Chris and Lola brilliant for ideas.

  4. …It’s late at night here, I was about to go sleep in front of the screen… then I see your post. Stunning pictures and and and introduction worth reading 🙂 thanx for sharing this. You are right, they are just so inspiring.

  5. Cool very very cool.

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    > Susan Portnoy posted: “I’m far from the first person to offer up a list of > favorite Instagram feeds, but I wanted to shine a light on some great > accounts where the posts have inspired me in some way. Usually it’s because > I’ve seen something in the photos that I want to improve ” >

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