I Lost My Heart To A Peacock Spider [Amazing Video]

Anyone that really knows me knows that I have a love/hate, or more accurately, freaked-out-but-fascinated relationship with spiders. I’m not afraid, I just get the willies, especially when it comes to big hairy spiders that jump.

I remember one night in Costa Rica during a guided night walk through the rain forest, I came across a dinner plate-sized wolf spider and I couldn’t move—In part because I didn’t want to turn my back on it. And in part because I was strangely drawn to it.  I watched it do absolutely nothing for at least 20 minutes, ogling its freakish long legs, bulbous butt and giant mandibles.

Knowing this about myself, I admit it’s downright strange that I would be so taken with an arachnid. But I saw this video and fell in love.

Peacock spiders may be small but they’ve got big personalities

Here are a few of the many reasons why

  • How could someone NOT love such a colorful derriere flap? And one that uses it so deftly.
  • They’re great dancers: Those sexy high kicks and wicked vibrations are straight out of the choreography from All That Jazz, or some other slinky Bob Fosse creation.
  • I love the way their fuzzy front legs make them look as if they’re wearing a Santa beard.

Sit back, relax, and take a look. The footage is only 2:34 minutes – a small amount of time for the big smile you’ll be wearing when it’s over.



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