From 250K To 30K In Under 40 Years. Will African Lions Survive Another Four Decades?

Lion standing in the sunlight in South Africa

Today is World Lion Day, a worldwide campaign to celebrate the lion’s place as part of our global culture and to bring attention to the harsh realities facing their survival.

They’re dying you know. Since 1975, almost 90% of the African lion population has been obliterated.  That’s over 6,000 lions each year for the last 39 years. No filling the ranks with new offspring, just gone.

Lions relaxing in the green grass of the Okavango Delta in Botswana

It would be so much easier if their existence was only threatened by a single source, but no, there are so many things that are pushing them towards extinction: Loss of habitat, loss of prey, inbreeding, poaching, disease, lion-human conflict, the list goes on and on.

How do we solve them all? Is it even possible?


The realist in me fears that no matter how many marches or Facebook posts there are this is a losing battle and it makes me so damn sad. But as I write this I’m also thankful for the people who put events like this together—the ones that continue to fight and make things happen.

I am helping to spread the word because I hope that I am wrong, that I’m just too negative a person and that we’ll be able to turn things around. Maybe in 40 years future generations will be able to see lions in their natural habitat. Maybe they’ll beat the odds. I sure hope so.

If you’d like to spread the world too, please reblog this post or create one of your own. If you want to go a step further you’ll find a list of various organizations here that could use a donation to keep the wheels spinning and the battle raging.

Either way, do something.


Baby lion looks at her mother in Kenya









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  1. Wow, Susan, these lion portraits are incredible! I especially love the 3 lions sitting together and the lion cub looking up at its mother, I presume? I live with two domestic cats, one of which looks like a grey striped tiger and the other looks like a mini black panther. I cannot and do not want to imagine a world without cats, wild or domestic. I think cats are the world’s most beautiful animals.

    • Hi there –
      Sorry my answer is delayed. Your comment went into my spam folder for some reason. Thank you regarding my photos. I really appreciate it. I too cannot imagine a world without cats, big or small. It would be a tragic loss. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you return. 🙂

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