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Sikio snarls at female in Mara Triangle, Kenya

The Lion Lap Dance

Her tail curled seductively in the air, exposing her derriere to him and he was transfixed. “Come here handsome, “ it said. Then she bolted through the high grass teasing him with a game of catch-me-if-you-can. He followed her; she knew he would. He had to, her cub’s […]

Kerosene lamps cast a beautiful glow over the dining room at Umlani

Timbavati, South Africa: The Umlani Bushcamp

While exploring the Timbavati game reserve, our small Wild Eye group stayed at the Umlani Bushcamp, an all-inclusive, quaint and comfortable lodge that caters to families and small groups. Tucked within towering trees and thick bushes, the rooms were simple, circular thatched roof and reed-walled rondavales built in […]