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Rediscovering New York: A Glorious Manhattan Skyline

It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve lived in New York for nearly two decades and yet there are scores of wonderful locations I have yet to visit—the sad result of my allowing a busy life to get in the way of living, and a pinch of laziness, I must admit. 

Manhattan skyline as seen from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge Park:

Saturdays have become a day of exploration for me, now that the weather is finally on the mend, and this last weekend I had one of my favorite discoveries to date, and I bet it will be one of your favorites too…

Whether you’re a long time resident or just visiting New York for a short period of time, I highly recommend saving an evening to watch the sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

If you’ve dreamed of seeing an iconic Manhattan skyline at night, this is one of the best places to guarantee a spectacular view. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, there’s jungle gyms for the kids, various food shops, grassy lawns to relax on, a bike path, and The River Cafe if you want a little fancy with your food, plus a whole lot more.

A closer view of the Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park: World Trade Center

The park is very large encompassing more than one pier and extends down the shoreline of the East River quite a bit. I wanted the New World Trade Center in my shot the other night but I am going back to photograph the southern tip of Manhattan in a week or two.

Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Manhattan Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building in the distance all gussied up in Easter colors and a sliver of the Manhattan Bridge on the right.

You can take a cab from The City, but the park is accessible just a short walk from quite a few subway lines. Take the 2/3/N/R/4/5 lines if you want the shortest distance to the south side of the park, or the A/C/F trains to arrive closer to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Use this fantastic interactive map to help you figure out your game plan.


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