I Lost My Heart To A Peacock Spider [Amazing Video]

I adore peacock spiders!  And if you know me, that’s somewhat unexpected.

I have a love/hate, or more accurately, a freaked-out-but-fascinated relationship with spiders. I’m not afraid, I just get the willies, especially when it comes to big hairy monsters that jump.

(One night, during a guided night walk through the rain forest in Costa Rica, I came across a dinner plate-sized wolf spider sitting on top of a palm frond that had fallen into a shallow puddle, and I couldn’t move. In part because I didn’t want to turn my back on it. And in part because I was strangely drawn to it.  I watched it do absolutely nothing for at least 20 minutes, ogling its freakish long legs, bulbous butt and ridiculously large mandibles.)

But I digress.

I admit it’s strange that I would be so taken with an arachnid. But male peacock spiders are so adorable I couldn’t resist.They, like other species, are forever using their colorful wiles to snag a lady friend. And they do it so well with their own little spider dance. Who wouldn’t love a creature with a rainbow derriere flap, high kicks and wicked vibrations? Moves straight out All That Jazz or some other slinky Bob Fosse creation. And that FACE! Look at those big black eyes and tiny front legs that look make him look as if he’s sporting a Santa Beard. It’s adorable! 

With peacocks however, the females are less jolly and make a habit of playing hard to get. If a female isn’t buying what the male is selling, there’s a good chance she’ll eat him. Some lady peacocks are downright shady, eating their paramour anyway after mating. 

I learned about the peacock spider during a travel break. Twenty minutes here and there I give myself during the day to learn about wildlife, a new destination or culture. These moments inspire my future travels, clear my mind, and help me to better understand the world around me.

While I don’t expect that I’ll be seeing a peacock spider any time soon—they live in Australia, and as of now I don’t have any concrete plans to visit—this video really made me happy and hence I wanted to share it with you.

Sit back, relax, and take a look. The footage is only 2:34 minutes – a small amount of time for the big smile you’ll be wearing when it’s over.



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  1. Hi I agree these r the cutest little spiders in the world! I was wondering if I could please paint some of ur spider pictures as I am a Perth based artist and always looking for new exciting things to paint and potentially enter into competitions.
    Kind Regards Sasha

  2. This is so unbelievably awesome creation of god. Never heard untill today – there is a spider named Peacock spider! Wow. Loved your post

  3. Wonderful and certainly brings a smile or two! I live in Australia and have never heard of it, not that I go looking for arachnids any time I’m freakish about them.

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