Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Golden Morning by Elmar Weiss

Golden Morning by Elmar Weiss

Photo: Golden Morning by Elmar Weiss

I was destined to post an image with penguins in it today. I’m certain of it. I could feel the mystical powers of my subconscious hard at work, leading me inevitably to this moment.

A few days ago, I watched March of the Penguins, and was completely enamoured. Today, New York City is a scene from an arctic nightmare. The sky is dark and ominous and we’re being deluged by sleet, snow and hail in rapid succession.

Last night, my friend Sherry, a great travel blogger and the creator of Ottsworld, and I discussed her recent trip to Antarctica. She’d been posting her penguin photos from her trip on Facebook and I was taken by how the birds were equally adorable and goofy—their tuxedo suits and clown feet guaranteed to deliver a smile.

Cue this morning, and I’m looking through photos online and I come across this image by photographer, Elmar Weiss entitled Golden Morning, and I had to post it.

The colors first caught my attention. The light blues and oranges, an unusual yet spectacular combination, juxtaposed to the graphic black and white (and red-beaked) penguins are a showstopper. I love the jagged diagonal lines created by the light hitting the beach and how they are echoed by the reflections of the penguins in the surf.

I found myself grinning as I looked at the little bowling pin bodies earnestly rushing toward the water, their flippers spread out like a toddler bursting to play. In my head, I heard them screaching with a squawk resembling a New Year’s Eve noisemaker, “Woohoo! We’re going to swim! We’re going to swim!”

It’s a visually arresting picture with a light comical air. An unusual combo. How wonderful it must have been to see this in person.

What do you think of this image?

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  2. I think this photo is just perfect. Everything is perfect: the c omposition, the light, the colors …Yes, this is a photo I would have taken 🙂


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