Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Mark Drury

Photo: Mark Drury

Photo: Mark Drury

We’re heading into summer and with the season I always think of Africa. Two years ago I was in Amboseli, Kenya where this photo by Mark Drury was taken, and ever since I’ve wanted to go back. It’s an extraordinary place, mainly because if you love elephants ( and I LOVE elephants),  Amboseli will be your nirvana. Underground springs flowing from Mount Kilimanjaro in nearby Tanzania, feed swamps that draw the elephants year round but in huge numbers during the dry season.

When I saw this photo I was instantly engrossed. First, because it’s lovely, and second because I am pretty sure I photographed the same elephant. Big Tuskers like this one have practically been poached into extinction, so when you see one it’s pretty special and his tusks are pretty unique. I made and OK photo (see below), but this one SO much better.

Big Tusker elephant in Amboseli, KenyaWhy? Everything worked. The black and white conversion adds a moody quality I love. The lighting is soft and wonderful and the shadow and stunning cloud formations deliver texture and depth. But even with all that, for me, it’s the footpath that makes it.

The trail tells a story and gives the image a sense of history.  You can see that this handsome fellow is walking where hundreds, perhaps thousands of other elephants have walked before. Your mind wonders…. where is he going? Where are the other elephants? How long has that path been there? Are there elephants walking it now?  It’s beautiful.


What do you think of this photo?


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