Facing Cuba: A Video Salute to all the Wonderful People I Photographed in Cuba

At the risk of being incredibly repetitive, travel is less about the places you go than it is about the people you meet.

With this in mind, I put together a short video聽 (Please click below ) as a bit of a tribute to the people I had the pleasure of spending time with during my recent adventure.

I hope you enjoy it!


These images were taken while I was an invited guest of the Santa F茅 Photographic Workshops


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  1. This is so so beautiful!! How did you approach these people to take the photos? I’ve always wanted to be able to do what you’ve done here I’m worried they’d say no if I asked.

  2. Cuba – still on my bucket list. I’m living in Europe and everyone here gets really nervous and starts to talk about “seeing Cuba before the Americans go there” – – i like Americans a lot, so I’m not stressing it 馃檪

    • I’m American, and I stressed over it. I love a lot about our country, but whether we mean to or not, we have an effect on other countries that is not always the most positive.

    • Me too! I heard it over and over again when I was editing it (just learning how to edit so it took HOURS) and I never got tired of it. Such a lovely melody. I have no idea what he’s singing about but love the song. Thanks for taking a look at the video. I hope you return to the blog. 馃檪

    • Yes, absolutely. I learn so much about myself and other people when I travel. I’m glad you liked the piece. Please share if you think one of your friends would enjoy it 馃檪

  3. I love this !!! Thanks for making such a wonderful job !!! I’m a proud Cuban !!! 馃嚚馃嚭馃嚚馃嚭 and I couldn’t possibly love this more !!!

    • Hi this is Tetenkie again, Tetenkie is an African name for a small beautiful African bird.
      In fact, the secret was revealed to us long time ago. We may all be of different races, however no one is different or better than the other. In our blood vessels flows the most unique presence, His devine spirit,
      . Hence, the Bible repetitively emphasized that we must not consume blood, otherwise we will be wiped off the phase of the earth. We are also created in His image, therefore we should respect one another. In my opinion, He made it on purpose that He created us of different races, how many of us actually recognise the fact that we should in fact respect each other in His honor? The answer is simple, very few. God’s Spirit, in every one of us should be respected regardless of age, gender, race. In Southern Sotho they say “the cow doesn’t offload all its dung”. That is, you don’t tell all the secrets at one go.
      I appreciate the fact that you are one of the very few who understands and acknowledge this. The natives of all countries are far important than the landscape or natural resources of their land. That’s engelic staff. So they say, “the darkest sport is under the light”.


  4. You’ve got some skills, Susan! I think my favorite aspect of your work is the sense that comes across that you value all people. Their nuances, particularized environments and lives, the sparkle in their eyes. I can’t think of anything more honoring to people than to value who they are in their own place and time.

  5. I was really impressed by the emotions that are coming from the eyes of those people – not sure how should I call it – it can be some kind of hope or maybe excitement mixed with happiness. I think it is quite common for the countries that are not so rich, instead of lots of money they keep their values and this can be seen in the citizens. Wonderful!

    • I think you called it just fine, Adam. On the average, I found the Cuban people to be charming, gracious and happy. Sure, life can be very difficult there but humans are very resilient and even in the poorest countries I still see children playing, people laughing. I think we’d go crazy if the weight of our lives lived with us 24/7. And I agree with your last statement, the trappings of wealth can chip away at values quickly.

  6. Thank you for displaying an honest portrayal of the Cuban plight now. Communism has taken its toll on the people but they don’t seem unhappy here..

  7. This is amazing Susan! great work! I was wondering…how did you approached all these people for a photo, without making it an akward scene? Really curious

    • Hi there and thank you!

      Every circumstance has its nuances but in short, I get eye contact and just ask with a big smile on my face, and then if possible, I try to engage in some chatty conversation so that I’m not sticking a camera in their face right off the bat. If I don’t speak the language, I’ll get eye contact and then point at the camera, most people get the point immediately. The main thing is, I want to communicate through speech or through pantomime that I find them special.

  8. Well, well, well….it’s definitely a two thumbs up for me Susan. Your posts always give me so much life and remind me that pursing photography full time was the best decision I ever made – so thank you 馃檪

      • You’re more than welcome Susan. As for me, I’m very new to this game and don’t really have a niche just yet. At the moment I take pictures of what ever is pleasing to the eye really. I’m trying to find my footing and enjoying the journey so far. I find myself leaning more towards urban/street and travel. I’d love it if you could take a look at my blog and let me know what you think as I admire your work very much 馃檪 Have a lovely day.

      • Aww thank you so much. I meant photography in general. I guess the money making part will come along eventually. I practice like crazy and I’m involved with quite a few workshops. I also keep myself busy with various seminars, networking opportunities etc…you name it!

    • Thank you!

      The human spirit is a miraculous thing. I found the Cuban people to be warm, gracious and very kind and for the most part, happy. Not that they don’t have major difficulties, they do, but anyone under 50 has dealt with the life since birth and know nothing different. Not that it makes it easier but we all find love, friendship, and some level of happiness within the scope of our lives.

  9. I didn’t only enjoy your video, Susan 鈥 I was also moved by it and inspired by it. What gorgeous images you’ve captured! There’s such an intimacy and richness to them, and it seems to me they really do reveal the inner lives of your subjects. Beautifully done!

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